Zipzip: the secret dimension

My first independent and commercial game (2011)

Zipzip: balance between dimensions

The prototype for the commercial Zipzip

GDT Jam #1

made in 5 hours

GDT Jam #2

made in 48 hours

GGJ #1

my first jam game

GGJ #2

This game turned out to be very chaotic. So I let the AI play this game for you. Just watch ^^

GGJ #3

Something Jam

LudumDare 24

Nereye Sicacaz Game

Ozon Game

Paddle Shooter


Police and Son

political game

Censorship Please

political game

Graveyard Tycoon

I think this is a nice game idea and a cool prototype.

But after realizing that the making of the game will take long years, I postponed the production.


One button mobile football prototype


Draw cute rectangles

Draw over all circles

2 player balance fight game

My first game as an intern (2010)