Continuous physics.

My first physics implementation. Later became tarik2D

Rigid2D alpha demo

My 2D impulse-based rigid body physics engine

Rigid2D alpha demo game

Cut the platforms

Soft physics

Implemented out of boredom during a bad AI class

3D torque and inertia tensors in action


Red button lowers the angle constraint, green one increases

Inertia calculations of a full triangle

Velocity of a corner points.

Controls: wasd + qe

SAT with boolean result

SAT with manifold result


Fast calculation for 2D polygon inertia

Broad Phase: Regular Grid

Broad Phase: QuadTree

Broad Phase: Bounding Volume Hierarchy

Broad Phase: Sort And Sweep

My CUDA implementation for physical simulation of particles attached with springs.

Runs 200 times faster than CPU version


Here is a demo for my open-source 3D physics engine “Rigid3D”